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Added THUNDERBIRD_54_0b1_RELEASE THUNDERBIRD_54_0b1_BUILD3 tag(s) for changeset production-0.8. DONTBUILD CLOSED TREE a=release

Major User visible changes in Buildslave.             -*- outline -*-
   see the git log for a detailed list of changes:

* Buildbot-Slave 0.8.2

** Log Rotation

The default 'create-slave' output now rotates ten twistd.log files, each of
about 10MiB.  This is a change from older versions, which would rotate an
unbounded number of 1MiB files.

** twistd.hostname

On startup, the buildslave writes its hostname to twistd.hostname.  This is
intended to contextualize, which does not specify the host on which
the buildslave is running.

* Buildbot-Slave 0.8.1

** First release of buildslave as a separate package

** Fixes

*** Command-line options changed

Added new `-n|--no-logrotate` flag to create-slave command which disables
internal logging and log rotation mechanism in buildbot.tac (ticket #973)

*** Delete srcdir before retrying git clone (ticket #884)

*** Fix to install a launcher script properly in all cases.