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Added FIREFOX_45_0_2esr_RELEASE FIREFOX_45_0_2esr_BUILD1 tag(s) for changeset production-0.8. DONTBUILD CLOSED TREE a=release

Utility scripts, things contributed by users but not strictly a part of
buildbot: connect to a running bb and submit a fake change to trigger
               builders generated changelog entry using git. Requires git to
                       be installed. a builder-helper for running maxq under buildbot a script intended to be run from a subversion hook-script
                 which submits changes to svn (requires python 2.3) this script is intended to be run from a cronjob, and uses 'svn
              log' to poll a (possibly remote) SVN repository for changes.
              For each change it finds, it runs 'buildbot sendchange' to
              deliver them to a waiting PBChangeSource on a (possibly remote)
              buildmaster. Modify the svnurl to point at your own SVN
              repository, and of course the user running the script must have
              read permissions to that repository. It keeps track of the last
              revision in a file, change 'fname' to set the location of this
              state file. Modify the --master argument to the 'buildbot
              sendchange' command to point at your buildmaster. Contributed
              by John Pye. Note that if there are multiple changes within a
              single polling interval, this will miss all but the last one. adapted from by Niklaus Giger to add options and
                run under windows. Runs as a standalone script (it loops
                internally rather than expecting to run from a cronjob),
                polls an SVN repository every 10 minutes. It expects the
                svnurl and buildmaster location as command-line arguments. a standalone script which loops every 60 seconds and polls a
                (local?) MySQL database (presumably maintained by ViewCVS?)
                for information about new CVS changes, then delivers them
                over PB to a remote buildmaster's PBChangeSource. Contributed
                by Stephen Kennedy.

css/*.css: alternative HTML stylesheets to make the Waterfall display look
           prettier. Copy them somewhere, then pass the filename to the
           css= argument of the Waterfall() constructor.