Update release config for Thunderbird-60.0b3-build1 production THUNDERBIRD_60_0b3_BUILD1 THUNDERBIRD_60_0b3_RELEASE
Fri, 13 Apr 2018 09:32:15 -0700
changeset 15747 a520a01a52e2608769f4a90a92a260d73cabe678
parent 15745 adf52df73952b4dd198ee915421ce1dad50c4486
child 15748 e183db7f1d2010e40d59f8e32943f3ce6b1cc946
push id11056
push userffxbld
push dateFri, 13 Apr 2018 16:32:31 +0000
Update release config for Thunderbird-60.0b3-build1
--- a/mozilla/l10n-changesets_thunderbird-beta
+++ b/mozilla/l10n-changesets_thunderbird-beta
@@ -1,58 +1,58 @@
-ar 37dd4ba61d4f
-ast 546395ff6174
-be ed74bbc4087e
-bg 9c9834b3025c
-br 602c3c7efa0d
-ca e78140ae6fbf
-cs fd35b33f13e2
-cy 6cebc33e17c8
-da ded2a0ab0fa8
-de 7374fdf7e285
-dsb dbe939cf2586
-el 3b1e29788ac5
-en-GB 38f62ed5a823
-es-AR 833abb9c076a
-es-ES 415a389d51df
-et a6e1bcdaf60c
-eu a8c11d97abfd
+ar 5a9501f47b5a
+ast 8f461bf59274
+be 3c320c619dc8
+bg 8c3a2993266f
+br e3020da4b1a8
+ca 999832f1c6c1
+cs 0e53fcc250a1
+cy 7144465d1f7d
+da 010d2968fd4e
+de f53a95304c8d
+dsb 100385447513
+el b3be4f74a117
+en-GB 03ac30273fb8
+es-AR 368247922e01
+es-ES b05677cd8289
+et 851dc0273aee
+eu 34a55964baab
 fi 9724a28694ce
-fr 1bdaa8c51607
-fy-NL 35807f12ae1e
-ga-IE f43001e74158
-gd dc7d0f46246f
-gl 713b7d58d3b7
-he 3f2a7f57ef72
-hr 80207f72271f
-hsb fa718322fe1b
-hu 45b71dd113b8
-hy-AM f8379d264103
-id 53f315649f28
-is 65ab4afc3e49
-it 543c45e9fea3
+fr 5ced633b5239
+fy-NL 31647d91c819
+ga-IE b1115cecb39e
+gd 7cedf17dbcac
+gl f84f44fd26c9
+he 9fc0c4137054
+hr bc243396e152
+hsb 92d79806b5ca
+hu e669016353a3
+hy-AM bdb884575944
+id 9428101c8b41
+is d429b7d8863a
+it 5eff7e14b3a9
 ja 901a27066dce
 ja-JP-mac bee3708fa18c
-kab 7319a3fded0d
-kk 5e7313137e48
-ko b43a161b3e39
-lt 33ce1bbd87cc
-ms 2d4927808dcd
-nb-NO 224805b8b114
-nl 3e0c042d133b
-nn-NO b49cb3d95932
-pl 2e4c4d171119
-pt-BR 3bdf98e181ad
-pt-PT 498b64b67263
-rm d7c07a733486
-ro 195a3892ef82
-ru 367599fdba50
-si 30caac0fc5c0
-sk 600ab702c35f
-sl e4a8a66e0376
-sq ab2d4c349fc4
-sr d082fc730d2c
-sv-SE 53501ebf7491
-tr 52cd287686df
-uk 06b55377fb95
+kab 89bfd4c28bf6
+kk 4c5b1d0687d9
+ko 892a32b2e037
+lt 387a5340d976
+ms 7028181d7cd0
+nb-NO b69fb6a6e6bb
+nl f91c399e5117
+nn-NO d3771dd4742e
+pl 45455a1631ef
+pt-BR 0f23a9aba467
+pt-PT e27ae4858a2d
+rm 54031f474d16
+ro e08050c36fe1
+ru 2339757b55a0
+si 376f78be2b5b
+sk 99d1845d1578
+sl 79159446b28f
+sq b3fef9ce69a7
+sr b377568ad677
+sv-SE fb1a644d7f1d
+tr 458e65790ba0
+uk f24ac42a7780
 vi 84a40c2f0cd6
-zh-CN c0bcc8e62329
-zh-TW 00bec8447114
\ No newline at end of file
+zh-CN 62b02e7647ff
+zh-TW 8078e06c4b2a
\ No newline at end of file
--- a/mozilla/release-thunderbird-comm-beta.py
+++ b/mozilla/release-thunderbird-comm-beta.py
@@ -17,63 +17,69 @@ releaseConfig['messagePrefix']       = '
 # Basic product configuration
 #  Names for the product/files
 releaseConfig['productName']         = 'thunderbird'
 releaseConfig['stage_product']       = 'thunderbird'
 releaseConfig['appName']             = 'mail'
 releaseConfig['relbranchPrefix']     = 'THUNDERBIRD'
 releaseConfig['mozilla_srcdir']      = 'mozilla'
 #  Current version info
-releaseConfig['version']             = '60.0b2'
+releaseConfig['version']             = '60.0b3'
 releaseConfig['appVersion']          = '60.0'
 releaseConfig['milestone']           = releaseConfig['appVersion']
 releaseConfig['buildNumber']         = 1
-releaseConfig['baseTag']             = 'THUNDERBIRD_60_0b2'
+releaseConfig['baseTag']             = 'THUNDERBIRD_60_0b3'
 releaseConfig['partialUpdates']      = {
     '60.0b1': {
         'appVersion': '60.0',
         'buildNumber': 6,
         'baseTag': 'THUNDERBIRD_60_0b1',
+    '60.0b2': {
+        'appVersion': '60.0',
+        'buildNumber': 1,
+        'baseTag': 'THUNDERBIRD_60_0b2',
+    },
     '59.0b2': {
         'appVersion': '59.0',
         'buildNumber': 2,
         'baseTag': 'THUNDERBIRD_59_0b2',
 #  Next (nightly) version info
 releaseConfig['nextAppVersion']      = releaseConfig['appVersion']
 releaseConfig['nextVersion']         = releaseConfig['version']
 releaseConfig['nextMilestone']       = releaseConfig['milestone']
 #  Repository configuration, for tagging
 releaseConfig['sourceRepositories']  = {
     'comm': {
         'name': 'comm-beta',
         'path': 'releases/comm-beta',
-        'revision': '0a74a8f08830',
+        'revision': '4a08421a80ce',
         'relbranch': None,
         'bumpFiles': {
             'mail/config/version.txt': {
                 'version': releaseConfig['appVersion'],
                 'nextVersion': releaseConfig['nextAppVersion']
             'mail/config/version_display.txt': {
                 'version': releaseConfig['version'],
                 'nextVersion': releaseConfig['nextVersion']
     'mozilla': {
         'name': 'mozilla-beta',
         'path': 'releases/mozilla-beta',
-        'revision': '3e01e0dc6943',
+        'revision': '85cb8f907b18',
         'relbranch': None,
         'bumpFiles': {
             'config/milestone.txt': {
                 'version': releaseConfig['milestone'],
                 'nextVersion': releaseConfig['nextMilestone']