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Mon Apr 07 12:22:19 2008 +0000
394d7f4b587a9e60a12b11a03b75b3d914d8de2cBen Hearsum — bug 414622: fail out when builddir cannot be created.
bf6ddad3965fabd1252c4828a1dec77507341437Ben Hearsum — backout unwanted commit
4b666085640938c75d39ab525a1aaf6d88c10627Ben Hearsum — bug 414622: linux mobile builds (use mkdir -p everywhere).
bcce69b281482cad5d1ab556f219dbbd6ab149f2Ben Hearsum — bug 414622: final round of updates to mobile buildbot. r=rhelmer, patch=me
8cef101b0e60a2413a185f5d31e7debd197fddf0Ben Hearsum — bug 426227: enable snippet generation for mozilla-central. r=nthomas, patch=me
9ebc9aa43402909518e4fed6bb4b66de62d660afBen Hearsum — bug 425003: mac UB builds fail to upload. r=nthomas, patch=me
35a946cb785e6d9742a46668d342ba8215343d0eBen Hearsum — bug 425003: do packaging correctly for mac UB builds. r=rhelmer, patch=me
c2aeed592c379f90752a0a98221c62b54ded4492Ben Hearsum — bug 425003: disable tests on mac to work around universal build failure for mozilla-central. r=ted.mielczarek, patch=me
b7f5d88c1bfa49694769088c523718ad42f5be57Ben Hearsum — bug 424890: enable UB on moz2 builds (because they currently fail to start on 10.4 or PPC). r=bsmedberg, patch=me
91ac3f6301a0420bdf368bb6fe872663788ce32bBen Hearsum — bug 414622: use proper stage group for mobile builds ('mobilebld', not 'mobile'). patch=me
40e41ba19bbaf0e18fa08dda4789c6f47360492cBen Hearsum — bug 414622: remove unused statements, package and upload tarball. r=rhelmer, patch=me
5ab5aecee043354ddc5638068eaed434b2549fb5bhearsum — bug 422141: import/reload the buildbotcustom modules in the mozilla2 master.cfg. r=nrthomas, patch=me
3fe0500e71b1b5ebd2ac76a909ba96d79edf8bebTed Mielczarek — enable jemalloc on mozilla-central builds to get them more like trunk. r=bhearsum
25721001c2a5926352f156dbee87eb623d287649bhearsum — bug 377929: mozilla2 buildbot master setup - turn off dependToDated, bump Periodic build time. r=nrthomas, patch=me
09de4f042179037cbca67607af691bc773a3f812bhearsum — bug 414622: working set of mobile build steps. r=rhelmer, patch=me
9d16335457f14aa43a2058405c195a220e8d0b68bhearsum — bug 377929: mozilla2 buildbot master setup - make locks work; remove old builds. r=nthomas, patch=me
7b01640de0e371eca35b9017bb3ade3a8a0d4369bhearsum — bug 377929: mozilla2 buildbot master setup - last round of master.cfg updates for moz2. r=cf, patch=me
060ad80d71c735d3098be088d2c5c0d7f5a4f7f6bhearsum — bug 414622: setup linux mobile builds. r=rhelmer, patch=me
b01dfcc3e68f456217501ea006fdf19887ad3a09bhearsum — Move configs, stage base path to production targets
584471372a7e1820758e50b1b5938ee7b46e7d72bhearsum — Basic Mozilla2 configs