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Fri, 02 Oct 2009 15:54:03 +1300
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Sync over l10n-changesets* from prod to do fake releases, from Axel's update at rev 61377630502c on Sep 30

af 70dee155b191
ar 97514a873573
be 2fb061c84f98
bg 79401d4e17a3
bn-BD 7c2698aa46cd
cs 06e4cf4d38c4
de 2b47983ff97f
el 268f07fb9d0f
es-AR 7b845f143d31
es-CL 5f52c1ec42d4
es-ES d65371c56d95
et 0cde6ceda7ec
eu 0772a4b02d14
fa ca067b20218a
fr 6d26f64e5147
fy-NL a52cef3befb6
ga-IE 3d49a64de572
gl 9d8c5a636f0a
he a442f0fb5bc8
hu 625cf1abcfa3
is 0a44596d0156
it fb7550dc20c7
ja 8ad01b27c495
ja-JP-mac 8d15a7960ad7
kk c360e820248f
ko 92552d66936e
lt c7577b9e9246
lv cfdc0cb9fe95
nb-NO c476c686ccc1
nl 71bded90ac1d
nn-NO 803c3648a683
pl 586122ff98ef
pt-BR 970097bdb842
rm 021fd4aa0e56
ro 4a377c8d20e3
ru ad8597f400c1
sk c43762d8151c
sq 23cde3f8c825
sv-SE 527fefd6ae13
te 5e9a895a9f04
tr 66f35c73d9ba
zh-CN 66ad0031e8f6
zh-TW 3bd658c19732