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Bug 957385: memcached requires keys be bytestrings; r=catlee

Installation and Setup

Install ``buildapi`` using easy_install::

    easy_install buildapi

Then install either redis or memcached:

    easy_install redis
    easy_install python-memcached

Make a config file as follows::

    paster make-config buildapi config.ini

Tweak the config file as appropriate::

    email_to = your email
    port = something available, eg. 6005
    update the sqlalchemy db urls and the carrot info as needed for staging/dev
    # add the following lines to have your url be
    use = egg:PasteDeploy#prefix
    prefix = /~(username)/wsgi

Also set up your cache configuration:

    buildapi.cache = redis:HOSTNAME:PORT


    buildapi.cache = memcached:HOSTNAME:PORT,HOSTNAME:PORT,..

Now setup the application::

    paster setup-app config.ini

Edit your config.ini to add to the [app:main] section::

    filter-with = proxy-prefix

Now you can start/stop your application::

    paster serve --daemon config.ini
    paster serve --stop-daemon

You should be able to load pages like

Installing google viz::

    tar -xvf gviz_api_py-1.7.0.tar.gz
    cd gviz_api_py-1.7.0
    python install
    python test

Now you should be able to see reports like
which use the google visualization library (make sure you have the statusdb set in your config.ini