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Make building easier

There are a couple of different ways to build ProfileManager:

1 = using

You can run once, to setup the necessary files for
building ProfileManager.  This will download mozilla-release and the
xulrunner-sdk for you, in the necessary diretory structure.  After it 
finishes, you may build using:

  cd ${PROFILEMANAGER_DIR}/output/gecko/src
  make -f build

After the build is complete, you can package the build using:

  cd ../obj-profilemanager/profilemanager
  make package

2 = building a mac universal binary

This builds xulrunner as a universal binary for the Mac, and creates
a package for it as well.  To use it you must download both the i386
and the x86_64 Mac xulrunner SDK's from e.g.,,
and update the two --with-libxul-sdk lines in the mozconfig as needed.

You also need to sync the profilemanager source into a mozilla-central
tree as shown above, and build using the same make command:

  hg clone src
  cd src
  hg clone
  cd ..
  export MOZCONFIG={$PROFILEMANAGER_DIR}/.mozconfig-mac-universal-binary
  make -f build

Once the build is complete, a DMG containing the universal binary will 
be found at: