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Server Installation:

* checkout this code locally
* ensure you either have access to ''
  on MozillaVPN or else ''
* if you only have access to brasstacks:
  ** use an SSH tunnel like so:
       ssh brasstacks -L -N
     (presuming you already have the alias + ProxyCommand set up for brasstacks in your SSH config)
  ** from the repo root, run:
       cp server/orangefactor.conf server/orangefactor_local.conf
  ** edit 'server/orangefactor_local.conf', and set the 'es' option to:
* ensure pip is installed:
* activate a virtualenv if desired:
* from the repo root, run:
    pip install -r requirements/prod.txt
* to start the server, run:
    cd server
* open http://localhost:8080/

To test just the client side:

* checkout this code locally
* open index.html from the local filesystem (the production OrangeFactor server will be used)

For production deployment instructions and an architecture overview, see: