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Bug 1415611 - Follow-up to remove trailing comma

["Core", "Document Navigation"],
["Core", "DOM"],
["Core", "DOM: Core & HTML"],
["Core", "DOM: Device Interfaces"],
["Core", "DOM: Events"],
["Core", "DOM: IndexedDB"],
["Core", "DOM: Push Notifications"],
["Core", "DOM: Quota Manager"],
["Core", "DOM: Service Workers"],
["Core", "DOM: Workers"],
["Core", "Event Handling"],
["Core", "HTML: Form Submission"],
["Core", "HTML: Parser"],
["Core", "Keyboard: Navigation"],
["Core", "Serializers"],
["Core", "XBL"],
["Core", "XML"],
["Core", "XPConnect"],
["Core", "XSLT"],
["Firefox", "Disability Access"],
["Firefox", "Toolbars and Customization"],
["Toolkit", "Reader Mode"],
["Toolkit", "Toolbars and Toolbar Customization"],
["Firefox for Android", "Add-ons Manager"],
["Toolkit", "Add-ons Manager"],
["Toolkit", "WebExtensions: Android"],
["Toolkit", "WebExtensions: Compatibility"],
["Toolkit", "WebExtensions: Developer Tools"],
["Toolkit", "WebExtensions: Experiments"],
["Toolkit", "WebExtensions: Frontend"],
["Toolkit", "WebExtensions: General"],
["Toolkit", "WebExtensions: Request Handling"],
["Toolkit", "WebExtensions: Untriaged"],
["Toolkit", "WebExtensions: Android"],
["Firefox for Android", "Testing"],
["Core", "Canvas: 2D"],
["Core", "Canvas: WebGL"],
["Core", "GFX: Color Management"],
["Core", "Graphics"],
["Core", "Graphics: Layers"],
["Core", "Graphics: Text"],
["Core", "Graphics: WebRender"],
["Core", "Image Blocking"],
["Core", "ImageLib"],
["Core", "DOM:Content Processes"],
["Core", "IPC"],
["Core", "Plug-ins"],
["Core", "Security: Sandboxing Process"],
["Core", "Widget"],
["Core", "Widget: Win32"],
["Core", "Widget: WinRT"],
["Core", "Networking"],
["Core", "Networking: Cache"],
["Core", "Networking: Cookies"],
["Core", "Networking: DNS"],
["Core", "Networking: Domain Lists"],
["Core", "Networking: File"],
["Core", "Networking: FTP"],
["Core", "Networking: HTTP"],
["Core", "Networking: JAR"],
["Core", "Networking: WebSockets"],
["Core", "Javascript Engine"],
["Core", "Javascript Engine: JIT"],
["Core", "Javascript: GC"],
["Core", "Javascript: Internationalization API"],
["Core", "Javascript: Standard Library"],
["Core", "js-ctypes"]