Bug 1000653 - Atom feed not 100% compliant
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Bug 1000653 - Atom feed not 100% compliant
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@@ -1852,17 +1852,17 @@ Most notably, this release features for 
 <li>The domain name is highlighted in the location bar by default now, configurable in Preferences</li>
 <li>The amount of tabs to be restored concurrently can be configured in Preferences now</li>
 <li>News username and password auth dialogs have been combined and show for which server the prompt is now</li>
 <li>The SPDY protocol now enabled by default for faster browsing on supported site</li>
 <li>The column-fill CSS property has been implemented</li>
 <li>Experimental support for ECMAScript 6 Map and Set objects has been implemented</li>
 <li>Support for the CSS3 background-position property extended syntax has been added</li>
 <li>The :invalid pseudo-class can now be applied to the &lt;form&gt; element</li>
-<li>The CSS turn <angle> unit is now supported</li>
+<li>The CSS turn &lt;angle&gt; unit is now supported</li>
 <li>Fixed several stability issues</li>
 For a more complete list of major changes in SeaMonkey 2.10, see the What's New
 in SeaMonkey 2.10 section of the <a href="http://www.seamonkey-project.org/releases/seamonkey2.10/">Release
 Notes</a>, which also contain a list of known issues and answers to frequently
 asked questions. For a more general overview of the SeaMonkey project (and <a
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