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 <link rel="top" href="../" title="SeaMonkey Project">
 <link rel="up" href="../" title="Home">
 <title>Documentation &amp; Help</title>
 <h1>SeaMonkey Documentation</h1>
-While SeaMonkey offers very sophisticated in-line help in the application, we offer some additional documentation here.
+Help and documentation for SeaMonkey comes in many different forms:
+<br>For users, the <strong>integrated Help in the SeaMonkey suite</strong>
+should be the first place where you search for anything you want to know,
+just <strong>press <code>F1</code></strong> from a running SeaMonkey or click
+the <strong><code>Help Contents</code> item in the <code>Help</code>
+<h2 id="features">SeaMonkey Features</h2>
+If your are new to SeaMonkey, we have a <a href="features">description of
+SeaMonkey features</a> available here on this website.
+<h2 id="community">Community Help</h2>
+The best source for Help with SeaMonkey is the
+<a href="../community">SeaMonkey Community</a>. As we are a volunteer-driven
+open source project, the volunteers in our community are our biggest asset and
+they are also able to help almost anyone with almost any problem or question
+regarding our software.
-  <li><a href="features">Description of SeaMonkey features</a></li>
-  <li><a href="../community">SeaMonkey Community</a></li>
-  <li><a href=""> Support</a></li>
-  <li><a href=""> Documentation</a></li>
-  <li><a href="" title="frequently asked questions">Mozilla Suite FAQ</a></li>
-  <li><a href=""
-          title="Community-contributed Wiki" class="ex-ref">Knowledge Base</a></li>
+The <a href="" class="ex-ref">suite
+section of the mozillaZine Knowledge Base</a> is a good collection of many
+articles written up by community members, which apply usually to both the old
+Mozilla suite and the new SeaMonkey Internet suite.
+<br>The <a href="">SeaMonkey Help</a> page is another
+great resource for SeaMonkey help, as told above, you'll find even more on our
+community page.
+<h2 id="other">Other &amp; Older Resources</h2>
+As SeaMonkey is a project hosted by the Mozilla Foundation,
+<a href=""> Support</a> also applies
+to our software to a certain part. The older
+<a href=""> Documentation</a>
+resources are still often of help, even though they were written for the
+Mozilla 1.x application suite, which later was taken over by our team under the
+new "Seamonkey" name. Another leftover from the same era, the
+<a href=""
+   title="frequently asked questions">Mozilla Suite FAQ</a>, is also still
+helpful in many regards.