No Bug - We love free software and SeaMonkey. r=me/IanN
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No Bug - We love free software and SeaMonkey. r=me/IanN
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 <newsfeed title="SeaMonkey News" url="">
+  <entry id="2019-02-14" showfront="true">
+    <headline>Today is "I love Free Software Day"</headline>
+    <content type="html" xml:lang="en">
+<a href="">
+<img src=""
+style="border: 0 !important;" alt="I love Free Software!"></a>
+And if you wonder what we are up too with the last release already somewhat
+dated read about the progress we are making in our
+<a href="">SeaMonkey Project Blog</a>.
+    </content>
+  </entry>
   <entry id="2018-07-27" showfront="true">
     <headline>SeaMonkey 2.49.4 released</headline>
     <content type="html" xml:lang="en">
 The SeaMonkey project is proud to present SeaMonkey 2.49.4: The new release of
 the all-in-one Internet suite is
 <a href="">available for download
 now</a>! Building on the same Mozilla platform as Firefox 52.9 ESR, it