Bug 890415 - Create/Update 2.20 Release Notes
Tue, 09 Jul 2013 22:09:09 +0000
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Bug 890415 - Create/Update 2.20 Release Notes added Mozilla platform changes; cleanup
--- a/src/releases/seamonkey2.20/index.en.html
+++ b/src/releases/seamonkey2.20/index.en.html
@@ -36,27 +36,40 @@ for new information.
   <li><a href="#faq">Frequently Asked Questions</a></li>
   <li><a href="#resources">Other Resources and Links</a></li>
 <h2 id="new">What's New in [% rnote.basename %]</h2>
 <div class="section">
 [% rnote.basename %] contains the following major changes relative to
-<a href="../seamonkey[% rnote.relativeto.version %]/#new">[% rnote.relativeto.name %]</a>
-(which was skipped due to technical problems with the build architecture):
+<a href="../seamonkey[% rnote.relativeto.version %]/#new">[% rnote.relativeto.name %]</a>:
 <h3>SeaMonkey-specific changes</h3>
-  <li>See the <a href="changes">changes page</a> for minor changes.</li>
+  <li>See the <a href="changes">changes page</a> for a more complete overview.</li>
 <h3>Mozilla platform changes</h3>
-  <li>TODO</li>
+  <li>Added support for scrollbar style in Mac OS X 10.7 and newer.</li>
+  <li>Enabled mixed content blocking to protects users
+    from man-in-the-middle attacks and eavesdroppers on HTTPS pages (<a
+    href="https://blog.mozilla.org/security/2013/05/16/mixed-content-blocking-in-firefox-aurora/">learn
+    more</a>).</li>
+  <li>Improved about:memory's functional UI.</li>
+  <li>Enabled DXVA2 on Windows Vista+ to accelerate H.264 video decoding.</li>
+  <li>Simplified interface for notifications of plugin installation.</li>
+  <li>Enabled users to switch the search provider across the entire browser.</li>
+  <li><acronym title="Content Security Policy" lang="en">CSP</acronym>
+    policies using the standard syntax and semantics will now be enforced.</li>
+  <li>Implemented the HTML5 &lt;input type="range"&gt; form control.</li>
+  <li>Added unprefixed requestAnimationFrame.</li>
+  <li>Dropped blink effect from CSS rule text-decoration:blink and completely
+    removed &lt;blink&gt; element.</li>
   <li>Fixed several stability issues.</li>
 The <a href="changes">changes page</a> lists a more detailed overview of
 <a href="changes#new">new features and fixes</a> relative to our last stable release,
 <a href="../seamonkey[% rnote.relativeto.stable.version %]/">[% rnote.relativeto.stable.name %]</a>.
 Relevant security fixes are listed on
 <a href="http://www.mozilla.org/security/known-vulnerabilities/seamonkey.html">Security Advisories for SeaMonkey</a>.