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 versions are from the so-called "trunk" of the development tree, available as
 <a href="">latest-trunk
 nightly builds</a>. Those are the versions that need the highest amount of
 testing, often contain exciting new features but also can easily crash or
 destroy any of your data (some people claim they can also eat children or make
 your kitchen go up in flames, but we have no actual evidence of such things
 actually happening - yet).
 <br>To cut things short, we're happy about everyone testing those builds, but
-be very careful and keep backups of you your data if you do so, as some of the
+be very careful and keep backups of your data if you do so, as some of the
 code you're testing might not have been tested at all before.
 Our <a href="get-involved">Getting Involved</a> page, the Mozilla wiki on
 <a href="">SeaMonkey QA</a> (Quality
 Assurance) and the MDC (Mozilla Developer Center)
 <a href="">QA section</a> offer some