Bug 906974 - Create/Update 2.21 Release Notes
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Bug 906974 - Create/Update 2.21 Release Notes added bug 919018 to Known Issues
--- a/src/releases/seamonkey2.21/index.en.html
+++ b/src/releases/seamonkey2.21/index.en.html
@@ -134,16 +134,21 @@ page</a>. Note that only Windows is supp
 <h2 id="issues">Known Issues</h2>
 <div class="section">
 This list covers some of the known problems with [% rnote.name %].
 Please read this before reporting any new bugs.
+  <!-- Remove following item from 2.22 relnotes -->
+  <li>The CalDAV provider (used by the Lightning Calendar add-on) is not
+    working in SeaMonkey 2.21 (<a
+    href="https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=919018">bug 919018</a>).
+    This issue will be fixed in SeaMonkey 2.22.</li>
   <li><strong>Data loss warning:</strong> If you use a profile with this or any later
     version and then try to go back to SeaMonkey 2.0, SeaMonkey will rename
     your history file to places.sqlite.corrupt and create a new places.sqlite
     file, effectively resetting your browsing history. This is because the
     internal format changed and the upgrade process only works in one direction.
     Additionally, running MailNews with local folders and POP3 mail filters may
     produce summary files that are not correctly read by previous versions of
     SeaMonkey. If you decide to go back to a previous version of SeaMonkey, you