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+<link rel="maintainer" title="Robert Kaiser" href="">
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+<link rel="up" href="./" title="[% %]">
+<title>What's New in [% %]</title>
+<h1>What's New in [% %]</h1>
+<div class="section">
+<p>This document outlines a few of the new features implemented in
+  [% %], important bugfixes and any new problems. See the
+  <a href="">SeaMonkey Trunk Tracker</a> for a more
+  comprehensive list of fixes. Please note that these changes are relative to
+  <a href="../seamonkey[% rnote.relativeto.stable.version %]/README">[% %]</a>.</p>
+<ul class="toc">
+  <li><a href="#new">New Features and Fixes</a>
+    <ul>
+      <li><a href="#major">Major Changes</a>
+      <li><a href="#browser">Browser</a>
+      <li><a href="#mailnews">MailNews</a>
+      <li><a href="#certs">Certificates</a>
+      <li><a href="#chatzilla">ChatZilla</a>
+      <li><a href="#inspector">DOM Inspector</a>
+      <li><a href="#win">Windows</a>
+      <li><a href="#linux">Linux</a>
+      <li><a href="#mac">Mac OS X</a>
+      <li><a href="#build">Compiling</a>
+      <li><a href="#general">General</a>
+    </ul>
+  </li>
+<h2 id="new">New Features and Fixes</h2>
+<!-- Major -->
+<div class="fieldset">
+<span class="legend" id="major">Major Changes</span>
+  <li>SeaMonkey switched to Toolkit, the same backend Firefox uses
+    internally. Due to this change SeaMonkey is now much closer to Firefox
+    as far as user profiles, add-ons and functionality of user interface
+    elements are concerned.</li>
+  <li>The default location of user profiles has changed. Legacy profiles, e.g.
+    from SeaMonkey 1.x, are migrated automatically, excluding third-party
+    add-ons (extensions and themes). The old profile will not be touched
+    (instead, copies are made).</li>
+  <li>The new Add-on Manager allows to install, update, disable and
+    remove extensions (add-ons), themes and plugins using the same
+    mechanisms Firefox uses. This should ease extension management and
+    development considerably.</li>
+  <li>Session restore (crash recovery) has been added. Now, when SeaMonkey
+    crashes, all your browser windows and tabs will be restored automatically
+    or on request (including data entered in web forms!). In addition, users
+    can select to always restore the browser windows and tabs from their last
+    open session when starting SeaMonkey.</li>
+  <li>History is now stored in a better database solution, so that it can
+    easily keep more information, and the location bar determines which
+    addresses to autocomplete and/or show in the drop down menu with a smarter
+    algorithm based on what you type, searching in both URL and title of
+    visited pages by default.</li>
+  <li>Toolbars in the browser component are now fully customizable.</li>
+  <li>Additionally, the icon size and whether to display icons and/or text can
+    be chosen separately for every major toolbar in in both the browser and
+    MailNews components via their context menu.</li>
+  <li>The MailNews component now includes support for reading RSS and Atom
+    feeds, And the browser detects feeds offered by web pages. Since the
+    support for previewing feeds in the browser has not yet been included, the
+    feed icon at the right end of the URL bar currently is directly invoking
+    subscription to the feed in the MailNews component, if an account for feeds
+    has already been created there.</li>
+  <li>Password Manager was switched to an improved version, allowing easier
+    searching, and notification bars replacing modal dialogs for remembering
+    logins.</li>
+  <li>Gecko, the rendering engine used in SeaMonkey, has seen many
+    improvements since the version used in the last stable release. Changes
+    range from a better graphics backend (Cairo/Thebes) to improved support
+    for fonts, CSS, DOM and JavaScript. [% %] passes
+    the Acid2 test and most of Acid3.</li>
+  <li>Most of the icons in the default theme have been exchanged for newer
+    images that fit better with the look of modern desktop environments.</li>
+  <li>Support for Windows 95, 98, Me and NT 4 was dropped. GTK 2.10 is now
+    required on Linux/UNIX. Support for Mac OS X 10.3 (&quot;Panther&quot;)
+    was also dropped.</li>
+<!-- Browser -->
+<div class="fieldset">
+<span class="legend" id="browser">Browser</span>
+  <li>Add Undo Close Tab (<a
+      href="">Bug 350416</a>,
+    <a href="">Bug
+    354953</a>)</li>
+  <li>Introduce Info Bars (e.g. used when popups or add-on
+    installations are blocked) (<a
+      href="">Bug 270443</a>)</li>
+  <li>Allow to reload individual images using the context menu to aid
+    dialup users canceling page loads (<a
+      href="">Bug 47475</a>)</li>
+  <li>Remove the font download dialog (<a
+      href="">Bug 352049</a>)</li>
+  <li>Add full zoom capability (zooming images and objects as well as
+    text) (<a href="">Bug
+    4821</a>)</li>
+  <li>Port new Firefox page info to SeaMonkey (<a
+      href="">Bug 379183</a>)</li>
+  <li>Beautify FTP/File/Jar/Gopher directory listing (with new layout,
+    icons and sortable columns) (<a
+      href="">Bug 294800</a>)</li>
+  <li>Add "Send This Link" to link context menus (<a
+      href="">Bug 137007</a>)</li>
+  <li>Save form inputs' state with Save Page As (<a
+      href="">Bug 293834</a>)</li>
+  <li>Switched to a better graphics backend (Cairo/Thebes), improving
+      display of all web content and application chrome significantly (<a
+      href="">Bug 322938</a>)</li>
+  <li>Acid2 test renders correctly in most cases (Tracked in <a
+      href="">Bug 289480</a>)</li>
+  <li>Lots of improvements to Acid3 test rendering (Tracked in <a
+      href="">Bug 410460</a>)</li>
+  <li>Support WHATWG &lt;audio&gt; and &lt;video&gt; tags (<a
+      href="">Bug 382267</a>)</li>
+  <li>Implement cross-site XMLHttpRequest (<a
+      href="">Bug 389508</a>)</li>
+  <li>@font-face support: implement downloadable font support on Linux (Mac and
+    Windows have already been addressed in bug 441473) (<a
+      href="">Bug 458169</a>),
+    implement @font-face { src:local() } on Linux (<a
+      href="">Bug 468218</a>),
+    enable downloadable .otf fonts on Windows (<a
+      href="">Bug 458160</a>),
+    improve handling of format hints for downloadable fonts (<a
+      href="">Bug 465452</a>)</li>
+  <li>Toolbar customization: Navigator part 2 (real customizability for browser
+    toolbars on Linux+Windows) (<a
+      href="">Bug 471372</a>),
+    use sheet popup instead of popup window on Mac OS X (<a
+      href="">Bug 406780</a>),
+    make menubars customizable (without regression on Mac OS X) (<a
+      href="">Bug 475920</a>)</li>
+  <li>Use Places backend for SeaMonkey history (including location bar) (<a
+      href="">Bug 382187</a>)</li>
+  <li>Implement progress bar/scrubber for video controls (<a
+      href="">Bug 462113</a>)</li>
+  <li>Decode non-ASCII characters in the urlbar (like in FF3) (<a
+      href="">Bug 425480</a>)</li>
+<!-- MailNews -->
+<div class="fieldset">
+<span class="legend" id="mailnews">MailNews</span>
+  <li>Rename TLS and SSL in SMTP preferences to what they really mean
+    (STARTTLS, SMTP-over-SSL) (<a
+      href="">Bug 185662</a>)</li>
+  <li>Make
+    Reply, Reply All, Forward and Next buttons dual-mode (adding Reply to
+    Sender, Reply to All Recipients, Forward Inline/As Attachment, Next
+    Message/Flagged Message/Unread Thread) (<a
+      href="">Bug 17796</a>)</li>
+  <li>Do not lose keystrokes while email composer is saving draft (<a
+      href="">Bug 352310</a>)</li>
+  <li>Speed up deleting attachments containing UNIX line breaks (<a
+      href="">Bug 365751</a>)</li>
+  <li>Add "Stop Filter Execution" filter action (<a
+      href="">Bug 358684</a>)</li>
+  <li>Allow to set marking junk as read independently for automatic and
+    manual cases in preferences (<a
+      href="">Bug 377920</a>)</li>
+  <li>Do not fall back to insecure authentication after SMTP
+    authentication failure (<a
+      href="">Bug 311657</a>)</li>
+  <li>Support opening a message from the command line (<a
+      href="">Bug 386919</a>)</li>
+  <li>Remove "Copy Folder Location" context menu entry, moving
+    functionality to Location field in Properties dialog (<a
+      href="">Bug 369393</a>)</li>
+  <li>Add ability to select IMAP trash folder (<a
+      href="">Bug 182274</a>)</li>
+  <li>Allow user to reorder newsgroups using drag&amp;drop (like in
+    NS4) (<a href="">Bug
+    150274</a>)</li>
+  <li>Display clickable references for newsgroup messages (<a
+      href="">Bug 62033</a>)</li>
+  <li>Show new newsgroups in Subscribe dialog (<a
+      href="">Bug 40260</a>)</li>
+  <li>Spell check the subject line when composing mail (<a
+      href="">Bug 391964</a>)</li>
+  <li>Show folder address in Folder Properties dialog (<a
+      href="">Bug 180546</a>)</li>
+  <li>Implement mail "back" and "forward" (<a
+      href="">Bug 74959</a>)</li>
+  <li>Make local body search work when mail body is encoded as Base64 (<a
+      href="">Bug 132340</a>)</li>
+  <li>Show text in multipart messages with empty Content-Type (sent by
+    Outlook) (<a href="">Bug
+    155537</a>)</li>
+  <li>Allow to filter news based on any headers (<a
+      href="">Bug 16913</a>)</li>
+  <li>Make delete message work if header of message preview pane has
+    focus (<a href="">Bug
+    419379</a>)</li>
+  <li>Allow to do a complete import (settings, mail etc.) at any time (<a
+      href="">Bug 399312</a>)</li>
+  <li>Get rid of the Send in UTF-8 question dialog, just silently
+    switch to UTF-8 if necessary (<a
+      href="">Bug 410333</a>)</li>
+  <li>Allow to kill/ignore a news subthread (branch, not the whole
+    thread) (<a href="">Bug
+    11054</a>)</li>
+  <li>Add "Recent Folder Target" to Move and Copy menus (<a
+      href="">Bug 416669</a>)</li>
+  <li>Allow renaming of already-attached attachments (<a
+      href="">Bug 190298</a>)</li>
+  <li>Make sure IMAP code does not deadlock when it cannot reach the
+    network (<a href="">Bug
+    410747</a>)</li>
+  <li>Persist message priority across moves after changing it via
+    filter (<a href="">Bug
+    181561</a>)</li>
+  <li>Add a pref to decide whether to quote text attachments in replies
+    (<a href="">Bug
+    384599</a>)</li>
+  <li>Limit growth of junk token store (and thereby memory) (<a
+      href="">Bug 228675</a>)</li>
+  <li>Speed up displaying saved searches with lots of results (<a
+      href="">Bug 436960</a>)</li>
+  <li>Add a way to entirely disable marking a message as read when
+    viewed (<a href="">Bug
+    297534</a>)</li>
+  <li>Add ability to show only IMAP mails that have not been deleted (<a
+      href="">Bug 190974</a>)</li>
+  <li>Load IMAP/news messages from memory (if present) when offline (<a
+      href="">Bug 213729</a>)</li>
+  <li>Use better chunk size calculation when mail.imap.fetch_by_chunks
+    is active (speed up sending of large emails) (<a
+      href="">Bug 425849</a>)</li>
+  <li>Quote just the selected portion of a message during Reply (<a
+      href="">Bug 23394</a>)</li>
+  <li>Allow signature to be placed above the quoted text when
+    forwarding messages (<a
+      href="">Bug 273114</a>)</li>
+  <li>Improve online IMAP experience by using pseudo-offline Delete and
+    Move (decouple IMAP operations from UI changes) (<a
+      href="">Bug 435153</a>)</li>
+  <li>Allow filter of "To or CC" to use "is in Address Book..." and "is
+    not in Address Book..." (<a
+      href="">Bug 187768</a>)</li>
+  <li>Make Get All New Messages work with Movemail accounts (<a
+      href="">Bug 278383</a>)</li>
+  <li>Enable filters to move mail after copying it (<a
+      href="">Bug 376235</a>)</li>
+  <li>Add confirmation dialog for Empty Trash action (<a
+      href="">Bug 179891</a>)</li>
+  <li>Rename 'Unsent' folder to 'Outbox' (<a
+      href="">Bug 387656</a>)</li>
+  <li>Allow to specify whether to run filters when checking mail, run
+    manually, or both (add a separate manual filter context) (<a
+      href="">Bug 440635</a>)</li>
+  <li>Add ability to filter only selected messages in a folder (Run
+    Filters on Selected Messages) (<a
+      href="">Bug 444209</a>)</li>
+  <li>Play back tags to IMAP server when switching from offline to
+    online (<a href="">Bug
+    141606</a>)</li>
+  <li>Add ability to show just the name and not the email address in
+    the message pane (<a
+      href="">Bug 309057</a>)</li>
+  <li>Allow to change IMAP expunge threshold using a pref (<a
+      href="">Bug 399835</a>)</li>
+  <li>Implement auto-expunge for IMAP mailboxes (<a
+      href="">Bug 359284</a>)</li>
+  <li>Enable Mac OS X system address book per default and add UI (<a
+      href="">Bug 397811</a>)</li>
+  <li>Disable JavaScript in MailNews for now (<a
+      href="">Bug 453943</a>)</li>
+  <li>Make IMAP folders offline by default if they are newly created
+    and mail.server.default.offline_download pref is true (<a
+      href="">Bug 452615</a>)</li>
+  <li>Add ability to download IMAP messages preemptively/automatically
+    in the background (<a
+      href="">Bug 436615</a>)</li>
+  <li>Add birthday fields to address book (<a
+      href="">Bug 13595</a>)</li>
+  <li>Enable threaded/grouped-by-sort views for saved searches across multiple
+    folders (<a
+      href="">Bug 379806</a>)</li>
+  <li>Fix importing mail from Outlook 2003/2007 (<a
+      href="">Bug 408323</a>)</li>
+  <li>Port Thunderbird RSS/Atom reader to SeaMonkey (<a
+      href="">Bug 255834</a>)</li>
+  <li>Allow extensions to add custom filter actions (<a
+      href="">Bug 419356</a>)</li>
+  <li>Mark message as read when deleting it from local folder (or POP/IMAP when
+    offline) (<a
+      href="">Bug 463849</a>)</li>
+  <li>Do not collect addresses into Collected Addressed that occur in other
+    ABs (<a
+      href="">Bug 58769</a>)</li>
+  <li>Implement Undo Mark All Read (<a
+      href="">Bug 65775</a>)</li>
+  <li>Move message to Inbox if user marks a message in Junk folder as Not Junk
+    (adds hidden pref mail.spam.markAsNotJunkMarksUnRead) (<a
+      href="">Bug 208197</a>)</li>
+  <li>Disable JS for message content (mail and news, making javascript.allow.mailnews
+    pref stop working), enable it for non-message content by default (<a
+      href="">Bug 374577</a>)</li>
+<!-- Certificates -->
+<div class="fieldset">
+<span class="legend" id="certs">Certificates</span>
+  <li>Allow to export certificate or full chain in Certificate Viewer (<a
+      href="">Bug 315871</a>)</li>
+  <li>Introduce error pages (and ability to create exceptions) for
+    invalid-certificate errors (<a
+      href="">Bug 327181</a>)</li>
+  <li>Allow configuring used certificate per mail identity (<a
+      href="">Bug 278549</a>)</li>
+  <li>Implement new security exception handling backend for MailNews (<a
+      href="">Bug 429843</a>)</li>
+  <li>Introduce new certificate error page which better separates user
+    information from technical details (<a
+      href="">Bug 463504</a>)</li>
+  <li>show expanded technical details on SSL error pages when expert mode is
+    active (<a href="">Bug
+    471075</a>)</li>
+<!-- ChatZilla -->
+<div class="fieldset">
+<span class="legend" id="chatzilla">ChatZilla</span>
+  <li>Change Switch Text Direction shortcut to Ctrl+Shift+X (was:
+    Ctrl+Shift+E) (<a
+      href="">Bug 333570</a>)</li>
+  <li>Do not open multiline input when dropping link in single line
+    input (<a href="">Bug
+    332588</a>)</li>
+  <li>Add IRC-Hispano to default network list (<a
+      href="">Bug 227366</a>)</li>
+  <li>Add IRCnet to default network list (<a
+      href="">Bug 135926</a>)</li>
+  <li>Allow styling all parts of ChatZilla with motifs (<a
+      href="">Bug 235169</a>)</li>
+  <li>Allow disabling Bugzilla link detection on a per-channel basis (<a
+      href="">Bug 349137</a>)</li>
+  <li>Allow to reorder tabs using drag and drop (<a
+      href="">Bug 194913</a>)</li>
+  <li>Add auto-away feature (<a
+      href="">Bug 382085</a>)</li>
+  <li>Display WALLOPS messages (<a
+      href="">Bug 379087</a>)</li>
+  <li>Support multiple selected users with context menu commands (<a
+      href="">Bug 408527</a>)</li>
+  <li>Display IRCX ONJOIN messages (<a
+      href="">Bug 303631</a>)</li>
+  <li>Make double clicking user open query view (WHOIS) (<a
+      href="">Bug 432235</a>)</li>
+  <li>Display all-numeric channel names as links (<a
+      href="">Bug 433703</a>)</li>
+  <li>Do not discard changes when topic edit mode focus is lost, add
+    Cancel button (<a
+      href="">Bug 399450</a>)</li>
+<!-- DOM Inspector -->
+<div class="fieldset">
+<span class="legend" id="inspector">DOM Inspector</span>
+  <li>Allow inserting/creating new nodes (<a
+      href="">Bug 112775</a>)</li>
+  <li>Add File / Save DOM As... (<a
+      href="">Bug 72494</a>)</li>
+  <li>Allow to hide processing instructions (<a
+      href="">Bug 360898</a>)</li>
+  <li>Show separate menu entries for Inspect Content/Chrome Document (<a
+      href="">Bug 337069</a>)</li>
+  <li>Add ability to pick open pages (as opposed to open windows) (<a
+      href="">Bug 109481</a>)</li>
+  <li>Offer DOM Inspector as an add-on on AMO (<a
+      href="">Bug 271812</a>)</li>
+<!-- Windows -->
+<div class="fieldset">
+<span class="legend" id="win">Windows</span>
+  <li>Create a new Windows installer based on NSIS (<a
+      href="">Bug 351917</a>)</li>
+  <li>Support new shell service for setting SeaMonkey as default application
+    (better Vista integration) (<a
+      href="">Bug 380347</a>)</li>
+  <li>Remove "turbo mode" (quick launch) (<a
+      href="">Bug 361682</a>)</li>
+  <li>Make Debug QA and Palm Sync extensions optional in Windows
+    installer (<a href="">Bug
+    385377</a>)</li>
+  <li>Make ChatZilla optional in NSIS installer (<a
+      href="">Bug 409490</a>)</li>
+  <li>Support "? queryterm" from the command line (launch the default
+    search engine and search for 'queryterm') (<a
+      href="">Bug 408248</a>)</li>
+  <li>Create UI for new shell service (setting as default application
+    and mail/news handler) (<a
+      href="">Bug 441050</a>)</li>
+  <li>Enable .wdseml (Windows Search indexer) file opening support for
+    Mail/News (better Vista integration) (<a
+      href="">Bug 433697</a>)</li>
+  <li>Let downloaded files inherit NTFS properties (like permissions,
+    compression, encryption) from parent directory (<a
+      href="">Bug 224692</a>)</li>
+  <li>Cleanly unload in case of exiting or restarting Windows (<a
+      href="">Bug 212316</a>)</li>
+  <li>add support for Windows sounds to menus (<a
+      href="">Bug 83056</a>)</li>
+<!-- Linux -->
+<div class="fieldset">
+<span class="legend" id="linux">Linux</span>
+  <li>Let Backspace default to nothing on Linux instead of going back
+    (in history) (<a
+      href="">Bug 358764</a>)</li>
+  <li>Support startup notification on Linux/UNIX desktops (<a
+      href="">Bug 223492</a>)</li>
+  <li>Enable native theme (form control etc.) in HTML content on Linux (<a
+      href="">Bug 329846</a>)</li>
+  <li>Add support for the X Session Management Protocol (XSMP) (<a
+      href="">Bug 93789</a>)</li>
+  <li>Make Copy Image work on Linux (<a
+      href="">Bug 21747</a>)</li>
+  <li>Show preview of files in GTK file picker (<a
+      href="">Bug 396876</a>)</li>
+  <li>Let $http_proxy influence proxy settings (<a
+      href="">Bug 66057</a>)</li>
+  <li>Respect the user's settings of icons in menus (<a
+      href="">Bug 415810</a>)</li>
+  <li>Support Internet keys (<a
+      href="">Bug 66519</a>)</li>
+  <li>Map mouse buttons 8-9 to back/forward (<a
+      href="">Bug 355477</a>)</li>
+  <li>Use Gnome's native print dialog on Linux (<a
+      href="">Bug 193001</a>)</li>
+  <li>Remove XPrint (<a
+      href="">Bug 326716</a>)</li>
+  <li>Enable DBUS by default on Linux (<a
+      href="">Bug 388743</a>)</li>
+  <li>Bump minimal required GTK2 version to 2.10 (<a
+      href="">Bug 420040</a>)</li>
+  <li>Allow dragging bookmarks from a folder in the Personal Toolbar (<a
+      href="">Bug 151336</a>)</li>
+  <li>Map mouse buttons 6-7 to horizontal scrolling on Linux (<a
+      href="">Bug 423563</a>)</li>
+  <li>Make drag and drop of graphics insert the image instead of the
+    URL (<a href="">Bug
+    229327</a>)</li>
+  <li>Make Mark All Read keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Shift+C on Linux (like
+    on Windows; was: Ctrl+Shift+M) (<a
+      href="">Bug 422757</a>)</li>
+  <li>Allow dragging multiple image files onto editor (Composer;
+    MailNews and stand-alone) window (<a
+      href="">Bug 428876</a>)</li>
+  <li>Add a globally shared location for plugins (/usr/lib/mozilla/plugins)
+    on Linux/Unix (<a
+      href="">Bug 440506</a>)</li>
+  <li>Add support for GNOME's sounds (<a
+      href="">Bug 419275</a>)</li>
+<!-- Mac OS X -->
+<div class="fieldset">
+<span class="legend" id="mac">Mac OS X</span>
+  <li>Do not try to import IE favorites on Mac (<a
+      href="">Bug 433117</a>)</li>
+  <li>Make Cmd+T open a new window when no browser windows are open (<a
+      href="">Bug 429926</a>)</li>
+  <li>Move caret to beginning/end of url bar or text box when pressing
+    up/down arrow key (<a
+      href="">Bug 231754</a>)</li>
+  <li>Improve Mac installer (.dmg) (<a
+      href="">Bug 406448</a>)</li>
+  <li>Implement importer in MailNews core (<a
+      href="">Bug 420472</a>)</li>
+  <li>Implement / 4.x Mac Communicator like versions of the
+    &quot;move/copy&quot; menus (<a
+      href="">Bug 178091</a>)</li>
+  <li>Enable Mac OS X system address book per default and add UI (<a
+      href="">Bug 397811</a>)</li>
+  <li>Make Dock icon show new mail at the same time as the Growl alert (<a
+      href="">Bug 459482</a>)</li>
+  <li>Add Growl integration for mail alerts on Mac OS X (<a
+      href="">Bug 308552</a>)</li>
+  <li>Add roundness to context menus for Mac OS X 10.5 (<a
+      href="">Bug 391984</a>)</li>
+<!-- Compiling -->
+<div class="fieldset">
+<span class="legend" id="build">Compiling</span>
+  <li>Introduce MozillaBuild for Windows (<a
+      href="">Bug 363079</a>)</li>
+  <li>Make Mozilla compile with Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 (VC8) (<a
+      href="">Bug 249782</a>)</li>
+  <li>Remove non-Cairo GTK2 gfx code (GTK 1 support and Xprint) (<a
+      href="">Bug 383889</a>)</li>
+  <li>Build Chatzilla as an extension (<a
+      href="">Bug 351715</a>)</li>
+  <li>Remove support for --enable-extensions=all (<a
+      href="">Bug 450015</a>)</li>
+<!-- General -->
+<div class="fieldset">
+<span class="legend" id="general">General</span>
+  <li>Add "Ignore Word" to inline spellchecker used for editable
+    elements (<a href="">Bug
+    354580</a>)</li>
+  <li>Use bullets instead of asterisks to block out password characters
+    (<a href="">Bug 97811</a>)</li>
+  <li>Make dictionaries part of the locale pack in the installer (<a
+      href="">Bug 350688</a>)</li>
+  <li>Make a backup copy of prefs.js before overwriting it if there
+    were errors reading it (<a
+      href="">Bug 361102</a>)</li>
+  <li>Make downloading using "Save Link As..." successful on a link to
+    a page/file that uses HTTP/FTP authentication (<a
+      href="">Bug 315227</a>)</li>
+  <li>Allow multiple selection of text with Ctrl (<a
+      href="">Bug 73373</a>)</li>
+  <li>Switch backend from XPFE to Toolkit (<a
+      href="">Bug 328887</a>)</li>
+  <li>Add command line handlers for Toolkit (makes -remote work on all
+    platforms) (<a
+      href="">Bug 335550</a>)</li>
+  <li>Update Software Installation preferences pane including options
+    for automatic updates of the application and add-ons (<a
+      href="">Bug 363700</a>)</li>
+  <li>Remove Appearance / Themes preferences pane (moved to Tools /
+    Add-on Manager) (<a
+      href="">Bug 372856</a>)</li>
+  <li>Make Debug/QA UI an extension (that can be disabled or removed) (<a
+      href="">Bug 381343</a>)</li>
+  <li>Offer to migrate Thunderbird profiles (<a
+      href="">Bug 306175</a>)</li>
+  <li>Use FF/TB's extension mechanism (Add-on Manager and backend) (<a
+      href="">Bug 272429</a>)</li>
+  <li>Add migrator for old profiles (Mozilla Application Suite and SM
+    1.0/1.1) (<a href="">Bug
+    329744</a>)</li>
+  <li>Replace Quality Feedback Agent by Breakpad crash reporter (<a
+      href="">Bug 383125</a>)</li>
+  <li>Use FF's form manager (satchel, was: wallet), including form
+    field autocompletion (<a
+      href="">Bug 304309</a>)</li>
+  <li>Replace MySpell with HunSpell spelling checker (<a
+      href="">Bug 319778</a>)</li>
+  <li>Provide mechanism to allow users to list, enable and disable
+    plugins in Add-on Manager (<a
+      href="">Bug 339056</a>)</li>
+  <li>Make text and images translucent while dragging (<a
+      href="">Bug 178513</a>)</li>
+  <li>Use new English spell checking dictionary (<a
+      href="">Bug 397150</a>)</li>
+  <li>Enable automatic updates for SeaMonkey (using AUS) (<a
+      href="">Bug 408190</a>)</li>
+  <li>Make Plugin Finder Service work with SeaMonkey (replacing Null
+    Plugin) (<a href="">Bug
+    278831</a>)</li>
+  <li>Disable direct input of filename into file upload controls (<a
+      href="">Bug 258875</a>)</li>
+  <li>New icon set for "SeaMonkey Default Theme" (<a
+      href="">Bug 348720</a>)</li>
+  <li>Add sanitize (clear private data) option (<a
+      href="">Bug 416233</a>)</li>
+  <li>Add new Helper Applications preferences pane (<a
+      href="">Bug 417590</a>)</li>
+  <li>Integrate (AMO) into Add-ons Manager (<a
+      href="">Bug 414918</a>)</li>
+  <li>Implement geolocation prompt (notification bar) (<a
+      href="">Bug 459413</a>)</li>
+  <li>Enable view-source link-browsing (SRC, HREF) (<a
+      href="">Bug 17612</a>)</li>
+  <li>Use Toolkit Type Ahead Find instead of the old one (<a
+      href="">Bug 345526</a>)</li>
+  <li>Switch to Toolkit password manager: add SMTP protocol handlers (<a
+      href="">Bug 469807</a>),
+   do not lose newsgroup username/password information when migrating from
+   signons.txt (<a href="">Bug
+   470439</a>), let promptPassword unescape user names before use (<a
+      href="">Bug 472824</a>),
+   main part (use LoginManager, remove Wallet) (<a
+      href="">Bug 390025</a>),
+   also fixes: If stored SMTP password is incorrect, no prompt is made for correct
+   one (<a href="">Bug
+   155172</a>)</li>
+  <li>Remove "What's Related" sidebar/module (<a
+      href="">Bug 468337</a>)</li>
+  <li>Auto-save open windows and tabs for later restoration in event of crash
+    (session restore) (<a
+      href="">Bug 36810</a>)</li>
+  <li>Use an error page (about:sessionrestore) for session restore prompt (<a
+      href="">Bug 459550</a>)</li>
+  <li>Make use of emptytext attribute in search textboxes (replace label by
+    text inside textbox) (<a
+      href="">Bug 460694</a>)</li>
new file mode 100644
--- /dev/null
+++ b/src/releases/seamonkey2.0b1/index.en.html
@@ -0,0 +1,239 @@
+[%- mypath = "${}"|replace('[^\/]*$','') -%]
+[%- PROCESS "${mypath}/relnote.var" -%]
+<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01//EN" "">
+<html lang="en">
+<meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=utf-8">
+<meta http-equiv="Content-Language" content="en">
+<meta http-equiv="Content-Style-Type" content="text/css">
+<meta http-equiv="Content-Script-Type" content="text/javascript">
+<link rel="maintainer" title="Robert Kaiser" href="">
+<link rel="top" href="../../" title="SeaMonkey Project">
+<link rel="up" href="../" title="SeaMonkey Releases">
+<title>[% %]</title>
+<h1>[% %]</h1>
+<div class="key-point">
+These release notes  describe system requirements, installation instructions,
+and known issues for [% %].
+These notes are updated when we receive feedback, so please check back
+for new information.
+<div class="important">
+  <strong class="shout">Warning!</strong> The SeaMonkey version
+  described on this page is a testing-only preview of the next generation of
+  our Internet suite. Please test it carefully, it's not yet in a state where
+  we can encourage you to use it for daily browsing and mail operations.
+  <br>For daily use, we strongly advise you to download the
+  <a href="../">current stable release</a> instead.
+<ul class="toc">
+  <li><a href="#new">What's New in [% %]</a></li>
+  <li><a href="#download">Downloading</a></li>
+  <li><a href="#install">System Requirements, Installation and Uninstallation</a></li>
+  <li><a href="#addons">Extensions and Themes</a></li>
+  <li><a href="#issues">Known Issues</a></li>
+  <li><a href="#troubleshooting">Troubleshooting</a></li>
+  <li><a href="#faq">Frequently Asked Questions</a></li>
+  <li><a href="#resources">Other Resources and Links</a></li>
+<h2 id="new">What's New in [% %]</h2>
+<div class="section">
+[% %] contains the following major changes relative to
+<a href="../seamonkey[% rnote.relativeto.version %]/#new">[% %]</a>:
+  <li>TBD</li>
+  <li>Toolbars in the mail and newsgroups window are now fully customizable.</li>
+See the <a href="">SeaMonkey
+Trunk Tracker</a> blog for more details about the changes between those
+<br>The <a href="changes">changes page</a> lists an overview of
+<a href="changes#new">new features and fixes</a> relative to our last stable release,
+<a href="../seamonkey[% rnote.relativeto.stable.version %]/README">[% %]</a>.
+<h2 id="download">Downloading</h2>
+<div class="section">
+The SeaMonkey project provides official versions of [% %] for
+Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X in US English and experimental language packs for
+a small variety of other languages. Community volunteers are also contributing
+builds for other platforms. You can <a href="../[% rnote.version %]">download
+[% %] here</a>.
+<h2 id="install">System Requirements, Installation and Uninstallation</h2>
+<div class="section">
+Before installing, make sure your computer meets the
+<a href="../../doc/2.0/system-requirements">system requirements</a>.
+[% %] will offer to migrate your data from SeaMonkey 1.x
+or Mozilla 1.x at the first start after installation.
+You can find more details about installation, profile data and uninstallation
+in our <a href="../../doc/2.0/install-and-uninstall">install and uninstall</a>
+<h2 id="addons">Extensions and Themes</h2>
+<div class="section">
+Extensions installed under SeaMonkey 1.x are not migrated to SeaMonkey 2, and
+may not be compatible for reinstalling in this version due to major changes in
+our architecture. Please report any issues to the maintainer of the extension.
+Extensions and Themes for [% %] can be installed from the
+<a href="">SeaMonkey Add-Ons</a> website
+or the &quot;Get Add-Ons&quot; section in the Add-Ons manager.
+<h2 id="issues">Known Issues</h2>
+<div class="section">
+This list covers some of the known problems with [% %].
+Please read this before reporting any new bugs.
+  <li>History import from 1.x not working automatically
+    (<a href="">Bug
+    484175</a>): As a workaround, close SeaMonkey, go to your
+    <a href="">profile</a>,
+    delete places.sqlite there, and then start SeaMonkey again, which should
+    then correctly import history.</li>
+  <li>Freshly imported downloads sometimes try to restart again (and fail)
+    (<a href="">Bug
+    495680</a>)</li>
+  <li>MailNews account password prompts are no longer serial at startup
+    (<a href="">Bug
+    338549</a>)</li>
+  <li>IMAP accounts with over 1000 folders get error popups with message
+    synchronisation switched on (<a
+      href="">Bug 462539)</a>)</li>
+  <li>Profile Roaming is not working any more (<a
+      href="">Bug 378647</a>)</li>
+  <li>In some scenarios, multiple master password dialogs appear at once (<a
+      href="">Bug 381269</a>)</li>
+<h2 id="troubleshooting">Troubleshooting</h2>
+<div class="section">
+  <li>
+    Poorly designed or incompatible extensions can cause problems with
+    SeaMonkey, including make it crash, slow down page display, etc.
+    If you encounter strange problems relating to parts of SeaMonkey no longer
+    working, the browser not starting, windows with strange or distorted
+    appearance, degraded performance, etc, you may be suffering from Extension
+    or Theme trouble.
+    Restart SeaMonkey in Safe Mode. On Windows, start using the "Safe Mode"
+    shortcut created in your Start menu or by running
+    <code>seamonkey.exe -safe-mode</code>. On Linux, start with
+    <code>./seamonkey -safe-mode</code> and on Mac&nbsp;OS&nbsp;X, run:
+    <p><code>
+       cd /Applications/<br>
+       ./seamonkey-bin -safe-mode
+    </code></p>
+    When started in Safe Mode all extensions are disabled and the Default theme
+    is used. Disable the Extension/Theme that is causing trouble and then start
+    normally.
+  </li>
+  <li>
+    If you uninstall an extension that is installed with your user profile
+    (i.e. you installed it from a Web page) and then wish to install it for all
+    user profiles using the -install-global-extension command line flag, you
+    must restart SeaMonkey once to cleanse the profile extensions datasource of
+    traces of that extension before installing with the switch. If you do not do
+    this you may end up with a jammed entry in the Extensions list and will be
+    unable to install the extension globally.
+  </li>
+  <li>
+    If you encounter strange problems relating to bookmarks, downloads, window
+    placement, toolbars, history, or other settings, it is recommended that you
+    try creating a new profile and attempting to reproduce the problem before
+    filing bugs. Create a new profile by running SeaMonkey with the -P command
+    line argument, choose the "Manage Profiles" button and then choose "Create
+    Profile...". Migrate your settings files (Bookmarks, Saved Passwords, etc)
+    over one by one, checking each time to see if the problems resurface. If you
+    do find a particular profile data file is causing a problem, file a bug and
+    attach the file.
+  </li>
+<h2 id="faq">Frequently Asked Questions</h2>
+<div class="section">
+  <dt>What can I do to help?
+    <dd>
+    We need help from developers and the testing community to provide as much
+    feedback as possible to make SeaMonkey even better. Please read these notes
+    and the <a href="">bug
+    filing instructions</a> before reporting any bugs to
+    <a href="">Bugzilla</a>. You can also give us
+    your feedback through this <a href="">feedback
+    form</a>.
+    </dd>
+  </dt>
+  <dt>Why haven't you responded to the mail I sent you?
+    <dd>
+    Use the <a href="">newsgroup</a>.
+    The SeaMonkey team reads it regularly, and your email may have gotten lost.
+    </dd>
+  </dt>
+  <dt>Where can I get extensions and themes (add-ons)?
+    <dd>
+    <a href="">Extensions</a>
+    and <a href="">Themes</a> can be
+    downloaded from <a href="">SeaMonkey
+    Add-ons</a>.
+    </dd>
+  </dt>
+  <dt>Who makes SeaMonkey?
+    <dd>
+    Lots of people. See Help-&gt;About Mozilla SeaMonkey, contributors for a
+    list of some of the people who have contributed to Mozilla and SeaMonkey.
+    </dd>
+  </dt>
+  <dt>Where's the [% %] source code?
+    <dd>
+    A tarball of the [% %] source code is available at the
+    <a href="../[% rnote.version %]#source">download page</a>.
+    The latest development code can be obtained from the
+    <a href="">source
+    repository</a>.
+    SeaMonkey-specific source is in the "suite" directory. Please follow the
+    <a href="">build
+    instructions</a>.
+    </dd>
+  </dt>
+<h2 id="resources">Other Resources and Links</h2>
+<div class="section">
+The following resources contain useful information about [% %]:
+<li><a href="../../doc/">SeaMonkey Documentation &amp; Help</a></li>
+<li><a href="">MozillaZine Knowledge Base</a></li>
+<li><a href="">&quot;New for
+  2.0&quot; wiki page</a></li>
+<li><a href="">For
+  extension developers</a></li>
new file mode 100644
--- /dev/null
+++ b/src/releases/seamonkey2.0b1/relnote.var
@@ -0,0 +1,6 @@
+[%- rnote.version = "2.0b1" -%]
+[%- = "SeaMonkey 2.0 Beta 1" -%]
+[%- rnote.relativeto.version = "2.0a3" -%]
+[%- = "SeaMonkey 2.0 Alpha 3" -%]
+[%- rnote.relativeto.stable.version = "1.1.17" -%]
+[%- = "SeaMonkey 1.1.17" -%]