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Bug 1390120 - Drops the area with links to the OS-related builds from Nightly builds. r=frg

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<title>Nightly Builds</title>
<h1>SeaMonkey Nightly Builds</h1>
<div class="important">
  <strong class="shout">Be careful!</strong>
  These builds are for <a href="./#testing">testing purposes</a> only.
  Keep backups of your data if you do so, as some of the code you're testing
  might not have been tested at all before and might cause unexpected problems.
  If you encounter any such problems, please
  <a href="">report
  bugs</a> for them.

<p>You can find the latest nightly Trunk builds <a href="[% develdownloadbase %]/">here</a>.
Some localized Trunk builds are available at <a href="[% develdownloadbase %]-l10n/">localized builds</a>.</p>