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Bug 906974 - Create/Update 2.21 Release Notes filled in changes, updated Firefox relnote references

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<title>What's New in [% rnote.basename %]</title>
<h1>What's New in [% rnote.basename %]</h1>

<div class="section">
<p>This document outlines a few of the new features implemented in
  [% rnote.basename %], important bugfixes and any new problems.
  Please note that these changes are relative to
  <a href="../seamonkey[% rnote.relativeto.stable.version %]/">[% %]</a>.</p>

<ul class="toc">
  <li><a href="#new">New Features and Fixes</a>
      <li><a href="#major">Major Changes</a></li>
      <li><a href="#fixes220">Fixes in 2.20 Final</a></li>
      <li><a href="#fixesB3">Fixes in Beta 3</a></li>
      <li><a href="#fixesB2">Fixes in Beta 2</a></li>
      <li><a href="#featuresB1">Features in Beta 1</a></li>
      <li><a href="#fixesB1">Fixes in Beta 1</a></li>
  <li><a href="#issues">New Issues</a></li>

<h2 id="new">New Features and Fixes</h2>

<!-- Major -->
<div class="fieldset">
<span class="legend" id="major">Major Changes</span>

<div class="fieldset">
<span class="legend" id="fixes220">Fixes in 2.20 Final</span>
  <li>The zoom in/out cursor did not appear when hovering images (<a
    href="">bug 901222</a>).</li>

<div class="fieldset">
<span class="legend" id="fixesB3">Fixes in Beta 3</span>
  <li>Opening a new window using the middle mouse button could leak
    information in Private Browsing mode (<a
    href="">bug 896404</a>).</li>
  <li>Setting up an RSS account first prevented a mail account from becoming the default one later (<a
    href="">bug 880464</a>).</li>
  <li>Some private windows appeared in the undo close window list (<a
    href="">bug 887045</a>).</li>
  <li>The Private Browsing shortcut key has been changed as it conflicted with spellcheck (<a
    href="">bug 891081</a>).</li>
  <li>Remote debugging did not work if any tabs had no title (<a
    href="">bug 889352</a>).</li>
  <li>Clicking on new mail notifcation opened two MailNews windows when no MailNews window was open (<a
    href="">bug 840474</a>).</li>

<div class="fieldset">
<span class="legend" id="fixesB2">Fixes in Beta 2</span>
  <li>On Mac OS X, all plugins are now run out of process by default when in
    32-bit mode (i386/x86) (<a
    href="">Bug 883203</a>).</li>
  <li>The About SeaMonkey page claimed to be on the "default" update channel (<a
    href="">Bug 893547</a>).</li>

<div class="fieldset">
<span class="legend" id="featuresB1">Features in Beta 1</span>
  <li>The Content Security Policy (CSP) 1.0 parser has been enabled (<a
    href="">Bug 875706</a>).</li>
  <li>The Mixed Content Blocker has been enabled, blocking insecure active
    content loads on HTTPS pages (<a
    href="">Bug 864369</a>).</li>
  <li>New mail alert information can be customized now (Preferences/Mail
    &amp; Newsgroups/Notifications) (<a
    href="">Bug 856454</a>, <a
    href="">Bug 866503</a>, <a
    href="">Bug 872133</a>, <a
    href="">Bug 874899</a>).</li>
  <li>A confirmation prompt has been introduced to protect against
    accidental permanent data loss when force-deleting messages using Shift+Del (<a
    href="">Bug 308690</a>).</li>
  <li>MailNews Save As Template supports multiple selections now (<a
    href="">Bug 786316</a>).</li>
  <li>The size on disk is now shown for newsgroup folders (<a
    href="">Bug 851275</a>).</li>

<div class="fieldset">
<span class="legend" id="fixesB1">Fixes in Beta 1</span>
  <li>The Publish Webpage prompt in Composer has been fixed (<a
    href="">Bug 887183</a>).</li>
  <li>Reporting a phishing site no longer sends potentially sensitive
    information from query parameters (<a
    href="">Bug 871548</a>).</li>
  <li>POP3 local inbox folders no longer grow past the 4 GB limit when getting mail (<a
    href="">Bug 640371</a>).</li>
  <li>MailNews search, filter and mail views no longer include messages on
    the date with "date" "is after"/"is before" (<a
    href="">Bug 248808</a>).</li>
  <li>Session restore now ensures restored windows are actually on-screen (<a
    href="">Bug 868964</a>).</li>
  <li>The search bar no longer saves the search history in private windows (<a
    href="">Bug 861691</a>).</li>
  <li>The SSL Preference pane has been updated to accommodate changed
    preference names and semantics (<a
    href="">Bug 861471</a>).</li>
  <li>Crtl+clicking a link opens it now even if the click event handler
    calls event.stopPropagation() (<a
    href="">Bug 861194</a>).</li>
  <li>The Get Mail popup menu is now restored to full width after customizing the toolbar (<a
    href="">Bug 859287</a>).</li>
  <li>MailNews folder size checks check the available disk space now (<a
    href="">Bug 789679</a>).</li>
  <li>Attaching a message without trailing line break no longer corrupts the attachment (<a
    href="">Bug 523796</a>).</li>
  <li>The browser feed preview has been adapted for Private Browsing (<a
    href="">Bug 856322</a>).</li>
  <li>The MailNews subscribe dialog has been improved (the server of the
  selected folder is now selected and subscription checkboxes are now
  accessible) (<a
    href="">Bug 849525</a>).</li>
  <li>Balloon notifications on new mail are no longer shown if the tray icon is disabled (<a
    href="">Bug 857647</a>).</li>
  <li>Compacting large mail folders should be more stable now (<a
    href="">Bug 794303</a>).</li>

<p>See <a href="">Firefox
  23.0 Notes</a> for the corresponding Firefox release.</p>

<h2 id="issues">New Issues</h2>
  <li>SeaMonkey may crash if you open (click) certain saved search folders (<a
    href="">bug 857678</a>).</li>