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Bug 1005277 - Update SeaMonkey website for 2.26

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<title>What's New in [% rnote.basename %]</title>
<h1>What's New in [% rnote.basename %]</h1>

<div class="section">
<p>This document outlines a few of the new features implemented in
  [% rnote.basename %], important bugfixes and any new problems.
  Please note that these changes are relative to
  <a href="../seamonkey[% rnote.relativeto.stable.version %]/">[% %]</a>.</p>

<ul class="toc">
  <li><a href="#new">New Features and Fixes</a>
      <li><a href="#major">Major Changes</a></li>
      <li><a href="#fixes226">Fixes in 2.26 Final</a></li>
      <li><a href="#fixesB2">Fixes in Beta 2</a></li>
      <li><a href="#featuresB1">Features in Beta 1</a></li>
      <li><a href="#fixesB1">Fixes in Beta 1</a></li>
  <li><a href="#issues">New Issues</a></li>

<h2 id="new">New Features and Fixes</h2>

<!-- Major -->
<div class="fieldset">
<span class="legend" id="major">Major Changes</span>

<div class="fieldset">
<span class="legend" id="fixes226">Fixes in 2.26 Final</span>
  <li>Yahoo Mail was broken trying to register a mailto protocol handler (<a
    href="">bug 995802</a>).</li>
  <li>The horizontal HTML5 audio/video volume control was broken with the Modern theme (<a
    href="">bug 991945</a>).</li>
  <li>Forwarding a message without CC header inline put an empty "CC:" line in the header table (<a
    href="">bug 999269</a>).</li>
  <li>The Google CalDAV OAuth2 authentication dialog was not shown with Lightning installed (<a
    href="">bug 901332</a>).</li>
  <li>The folder list in the message filter dialog was empty (<a
    href="">bug 984948</a>).</li>

<div class="fieldset">
<span class="legend" id="fixesB2">Fixes in Beta 2</span>

<div class="fieldset">
<span class="legend" id="featuresB1">Features in Beta 1</span>
  <li>The delimiter for forwarded messages can now be configured (pref mailnews.forward_header_originalmessage) (<a
    href="">bug 776438</a>).</li>
  <li>An option to not strip signatures on reply has been added to prevent top signatures from deleting the body (pref mail.strip_sig_on_reply) (<a
    href="">bug 201581</a>).</li>

<div class="fieldset">
<span class="legend" id="fixesB1">Fixes in Beta 1</span>
  <li>LDAP address autocomplete stopped working (LDAP sessions timed out) (<a
    href="">bug 936785</a>).</li>
  <li>An OK button has been added to the RSS Subscription dialog (<a
    href="">bug 368266</a>).</li>
  <li>A keyboard shortcut (Cmd+Opt+S) for opening/closing the sidebar on Mac has been added (<a
    href="">bug 69489</a>).</li>
  <li>HTML Domains and Plain Text Domains preferences matched too broadly (<a
    href="">bug 401014</a>).</li>
  <li>The en-US locale now defaults to UTF-8 for outgoing emails (<a
    href="">bug 941545</a>).</li>
  <li>Google has been removed as a content handler for feeds because Reader and iGoogle are being discontinued (<a
    href="">bug 943318</a>).</li>
  <li>Global alert icons were missing in certain sizes for the Modern theme (<a
    href="">bug 936898</a>).</li>
  <li>The account manager should handle broken accounts more robustly now (<a
    href="">bug 813929</a>).</li>
  <li>The Search subfolders checkbox was always disabled in the Search Messages dialog (<a
    href="">bug 943096</a>).</li>
  <li>Lightning Preferences are now redirected to SeaMonkey's Preferences window (<a
    href="">bug 636104</a>).</li>
  <li>The editor spell check dialog was too short so you could see only the top of the buttons at the bottom (<a
    href="">bug 942548</a>).</li>
  <li>Feed folder rename/move/copy and DB sync issues have been fixed (<a
    href="">bug 959272</a>).</li>
  <li>Support for &lt;origEnclosureLink&gt; in feeds has been added (<a
    href="">bug 958072</a>).</li>
  <li>Click-to-play notifications now track plugins that are no longer present in the page (<a
    href="">bug 937616</a>).</li>
  <li>If feeditems.rdf gets corrupt it will now be deleted and rebuilt automatically (<a
    href="">bug 497809</a>).</li>
  <li>Groups of tabs bookmarked in a private windows had no titles (<a
    href="">bug 947619</a>).</li>
  <li>"Click here to..." has been removed from message list column header tooltips (<a
    href="">bug 881073</a>).</li>
  <li>Determining what is a feed message now uses the new FeedMsg flag, allowing to use feed messages in local folders (<a
    href="">bug 760157</a>).</li>
  <li>The feed parser now prevents duplicate atom enlosures and uses feedburner:origLink if possible (<a
    href="">bug 955869</a>).</li>
  <li>The location bar became empty if both web search and prefix/suffix addition were disabled (<a
    href="">bug 950450</a>).</li>
  <li>The wrong identity was chosen when replying to own sent emails (<a
    href="">bug 889410</a>).</li>
  <li>Enabling middlemouse.contentLoadURL and middle clicking a tab did not close the tab (<a
    href="">bug 738786</a>).</li>

<p>See <a href="">Firefox
  29.0 Notes</a> for the corresponding Firefox release.</p>

<h2 id="issues">New Issues</h2>
  <li>You cannot set up a new Sync account or pair a device anymore (<a
    href="">bug 998807</a>).
    Workaround: Use an older version of SeaMonkey for such tasks for now.</li>