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<title>[% %] Changelog</title>
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<h1>Rough Changelog for [% %]</h1>

<p>This is a list of bugs pulled from Bugzilla. It's a "rough" list because I
didn't verify each bug on the list as actually having been fixed in the
1.1.4 development cycle and I may have missed some that were;
I just used the smartest Bugzilla queries I could devise. It's
not perfect but if you're interested in what got fixed since
<a href="../seamonkey1.1.2/changelog">SeaMonkey 1.1.2</a>
this is probably the best place to start. -Chris</p>

<a href="">388121</a> about:blank loaded by chrome in particular ways has chrome privileges
<a href="">389106</a> we may not escape quotes everywhere
<a href="">389580</a> some schemes with %00 launch unexpected handlers on windows
<a href="">389257</a> Cross-application scripting vulnerability in SeaMonkey
<a href="">166254</a> Received date field
<a href="">178993</a> MSIE-extension: HttpOnly cookie attribute for cross-site scripting vulnerability prevention
<a href="">206679</a> junk Mail filtered from an IMAP to Local or pop folder does not get analyzed when that folder is opened
<a href="">310264</a> unable to print forwarded mail (message/rfc822)
<a href="">312473</a> extension update does not try authentication if needed (e.g. proxy auth at startup)
<a href="">319934</a> Crash on quit just as an nsXMLHttpRequest is fired [@ nsContentUtils::GetDocShellFromCaller]
<a href="">322436</a> WARNING: nsBlockFrame::CheckFloats: Explicit float list is out of sync with float cache
<a href="">342857</a> Add support for XPath function 'current()'
<a href="">351943</a> Browser crashes when trying to allocate large image
<a href="">352998</a> Mail never deleted from pop server(due to fail to keep consistency of popstate.dat when connection loss); Then eventually Server fills after months and email rejected
<a href="">359821</a> Firefox just crashes after about 10 minutes of use [@ nsHTMLDocument::GetElementById]
<a href="">363592</a> GCC build errors in nsImageWin.h and nsImageWin.cpp
<a href="">364461</a> [FIX]Pagehide not always dispatched in subframes
<a href="">366417</a> Adding &lt;html:script src="data:..."&gt; to XUL document no longer executes the script
<a href="">368317</a> temp files remain if MoveToNative fails in nsSafeFileOutputStream::Finish()
<a href="">368583</a> Support XForms 1.1 insert action
<a href="">371858</a> [FIX]Pushing null JSContext on the stack doesn't prevent bogus subject principals
<a href="">373404</a> improve palmsync error checking and logging, and feedback to the hotsync manager
<a href="">375102</a> fix RDFXMLDataSourceImpl::rdfXMLFlush() to use safe output streams like nsBookmarksService::WriteBookmarks() to avoid writing a partial localstore.rdf to disk
<a href="">376173</a> ProfileManager comes up as XUL error dialog
<a href="">377090</a> Introduce API to null out and restore cx-&gt;fp on a JSContext
<a href="">378629</a> SSL file uploads settle into oscillating pattern with very small packets
<a href="">378807</a> Automatically delete settings are not properly disabled in Junk Settings
<a href="">379550</a> Proposing threading safety patch for stable branch(es)
<a href="">380017</a> MPL compliance: *ongoing* Intial Developers credits
<a href="">380558</a> Some event waiting in PSM make the CPU wake from idle with no reason
<a href="">380998</a> StackGrowthDirection is not reliable with Sun Studio 11
<a href="">381114</a> Crash [@ msaa/nsAccessibleWrap::NativeAccessible ]
<a href="">381276</a> Allow "moves" as copies for cards to mailing lists
<a href="">381300</a> Frame spoofing is possible within a short time frame while the window is loading.
<a href="">382015</a> Handle old/new API behavior of cairo_{fill,stroke}_extent on branch
<a href="">382686</a> [mz2] iframes from other sites can be changed while pointing at about:blank
<a href="">382686</a> [mz2] iframes from other sites can be changed while pointing at about:blank"bug_id,"short_desc
<a href="">383065</a> Back-port several nsWindow fixes to branch
<a href="">383181</a> Prevent creating/overwriting HttpOnly cookies from web content
<a href="">383406</a> Firefox crashed when add bookmark with Orca running [@nsXULSelectableAccessible::RefSelection]
<a href="">383478</a> File type confusion vulnerability due to null bytes in URL (encoded as %00)
<a href="">385806</a> SOAPAction Header on submission is not being set
<a href="">385857</a> multipart/form-data submission broken on 0.8
<a href="">385880</a> [FIX]"ASSERTION: Non-row-group primary frame list child of an nsTableFrame?" with &lt;xul:menubar&gt;
<a href="">386070</a> http referer field not set for submission
<a href="">386365</a> Change version number to
<a href="">387543</a> web content can set httponly cookie by overwriting a non-httponly one
<a href="">387738</a> Using repeat index for 1.1 delete does not work
<a href="">388583</a> Autocomplete dropdown doesn't update when scrolling with scrollbar