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<title>SeaMonkey 1.0.5 Changelog</title>
<h1>Rough Changelog for SeaMonkey 1.0.5</h1>

<p>This is a list of bugs pulled from Bugzilla. It's a "rough"
list because I didn't verify each bug on the list as actually having been
fixed in the 1.0.5 development cycle and I may have missed some that were;
I just used the smartest Bugzilla queries I could devise. It's
not perfect but if you're interested in what got fixed since
<a href="../seamonkey1.0.4/changelog">SeaMonkey 1.0.4</a>
this is probably the best place to start. -Chris</p>

<a href="">222394</a> IMAP: MYRIGHTS command used on names marked \Noselect
<a href="">241733</a> crash if I attempt to move an email while another email is being sent [@ nsMenuFrame::Notify ]
<a href="">282173</a> Remove BuildFloatList
<a href="">286628</a> NNTP intermittently forgets/deletes passwords (Thunderbird & SeaMonkey)
<a href="">302737</a> [FIX]Plugins leak ns4xPluginStreamListeners and whatever they entrain
<a href="">305208</a> mem leak in nsPersistentProperties::Enumerate
<a href="">312704</a> crash [@ nsNodeInfoManager::GetTextNodeInfo] on ebay page with JavaScript off
<a href="">321379</a> Crash using a closed stream [@ nsConverterOutputStream::Close][@ nsConverterOutputStream::Write]
<a href="">323641</a> Accessing properties of a non-fully initialized window crashes [@ nsDOMClassInfo::PreCreate]
<a href="">323765</a> Thread unsafe VarPrefix from jsopcode.c
<a href="">324988</a> Crash if stop loading while favicons are coming in
<a href="">325379</a> STARTTLS negotiation skipped when account set to "TLS, if available"
<a href="">333697</a> Gmail (https-only) won't properly load
<a href="">334602</a> [FIX]ASSERTION: Reparenting something that has no usable parent? Shouldn't happen!: 'Not Reached'
<a href="">334718</a> Ineffective allocation check in NS_NewSVGCairoPathBuilder (nsSVGCairoPathBuilder.cpp)
<a href="">335058</a> script timeout too small in firefox
<a href="">335785</a> wrapper reparenting leak on gmail
<a href="">336957</a> Crash when calling messageServiceFromURI("file://...").streamMessage [@ nsMailboxService::FetchMessage]
<a href="">337607</a> [@ nsEventStateManager::HandleAccessKey]
<a href="">337700</a> js changes to MathML are not drawn
<a href="">337815</a> Messages don't show; summary-file increases every time Tb opens
<a href="">340314</a> Sound is played to random file descriptors, corrupting mailboxes, address books, cert DBs
<a href="">340852</a> ActiveX plugin has a bad default content policy
<a href="">341047</a> After "Close other tabs" tab's context menu contains scrollbars/arrows.
<a href="">341359</a> Crash [@ SinkContext::FlushTags] with malformed html, with javascript disabled, using noscript, table, frameset, meta
<a href="">341595</a> Crash opening mail [@ nsXULPrototypeElement::Deserialize][@ nsXULPrototypeAttribute::Finalize]
<a href="">342439</a> printing certain urls (google groups and maps) from print preview shows the style/meta tags on paper
<a href="">342961</a> Get a CSS error on displaying any SVG
<a href="">343290</a> Missing root in JS_NewPropertyIterator
<a href="">343588</a> "ASSERTION: index out of range" involving rowspan (within nsCellMap::RebuildConsideringRows)
<a href="">344121</a> Restart after extension update check fails [@ nsContentUtils::IsCallerChrome]
<a href="">344694</a> Conflict of linkage-specification for "MimeExternalObjectClass mimeExternalObjectClass"
<a href="">344785</a> truncated replacement tokens in
<a href="">345118</a> JS_Assert DebugBreak|abort windows foo
<a href="">345249</a> ASSERTION: inserting after sibling frame with different parent
<a href="">345649</a> 1.5.0.x getMoreThemes and getMoreExtensions link don't work after Mozilla servers move to new colocation
<a href="">345991</a> [FIX]JS components do not get protected by XPCNativeWrapper
<a href="">346156</a> New version of JEP (0.9.5+g), please land on trunk and branches
<a href="">346302</a> Yet another RFC 2231 violation (0x2a is not escaped)
<a href="">347303</a> [FIX]Parse errors when parsing mathml.css
<a href="">348250</a> Install ko.xpi langpackages cause error message upon startup in Firefox 1.5.0.x and Thunderbird 1.5.0.x
<a href="">348455</a> [FIX]Review comments in bug 285727 never got addressed
<a href="">348514</a> Crash at (NOT due to too-much-recursion) [@ nsTextFrame::PrepareUnicodeText] [@ nsAutoIndexBuffer::~nsAutoIndexBuffer] (CVE-2006-4253)
<a href="">348884</a> XULRunner Universal build fails trying to build JavaXPCOM
<a href="">348990</a> [FIX]Crash [@ nsDOMClassInfo::PreCreate] when loading gmail, suddenly going offline while loading and pressing reload a few times
<a href="">349929</a> APOP information is reset after stepping up a TLS connection
<a href="">350081</a> ASSERTION: invalid number of columns