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<title>The SeaMonkey&reg; Project</title>
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      Web-browser, advanced e-mail and newsgroup client, IRC chat client, and
      HTML editing made simple -- all your Internet needs in one application.
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<h1>The SeaMonkey<sup>&reg;</sup> Project</h1>

The SeaMonkey project is a community effort to develop the SeaMonkey
all-in-one internet application suite (see below).
Such a software suite was previously made popular by Netscape and Mozilla,
and the SeaMonkey project continues to develop and deliver high-quality updates
to this concept. Containing an Internet browser, email &amp; newsgroup client,
HTML editor, IRC chat and web development tools, SeaMonkey is sure to appeal to
advanced users, web developers and corporate users.

<a href="" class="mozillapower"><img
 src="/images/powered_by_mozilla_small.png" height="31" width="122"
 alt="powered by Mozilla"></a>
Under the hood, SeaMonkey uses much of the same
<a href="">Mozilla</a> source code which powers such
successful siblings as Firefox, Thunderbird, Camino, Sunbird and Miro.
Legal backing is provided by the
<a href="">Mozilla Foundation</a>.

<h2><a href="news">Project News</a></h2>

<h4>November 5th, 2007</h4>
<p><strong>SeaMonkey 1.1.6 Available</strong></p>

The SeaMonkey project has been made aware of several small problems in
displaying certain web pages in the last release and therefore released a new
version of its all-in-one internet suite. SeaMonkey 1.1.6 fixes only those
smaller problems, in addition to security problems that were fixed in previous
SeaMonkey 1.1.6 is <a href="">available
for free download</a> from the open source project's website at
<a href=""></a>.

<a href="news#2007-11-05" class="cont">Full article...</a>

<h2>The SeaMonkey Suite</h2>
SeaMonkey has inherited the successful all-in-one concept of the original
Netscape Communicator and continues that product line based on the modern,
cross-platform architecture provided by the
<a href="">Mozilla project</a>.
<li>The <a href="doc/features#browser">Internet browser</a> at the core of
  the SeaMonkey suite uses the same rendering engine as its sibling Mozilla Firefox,
  with popular features like tabbed browsing, popup blocking, find as you type
  and a lot of other functionality for a smooth web experience.</li>
<li>SeaMonkey's <a href="doc/features#mail">Mail and Newsgroups</a> client
  shares lots of code with Mozilla Thunderbird and features adaptive Junk mail
  filtering, labels and mail views, multiple accounts, S/MIME, address books
  with LDAP support and is ready for both private and corporate use.</li>
<li>Additonal components include an easy-to-use
  <a href="doc/features#composer">HTML Editor</a>, the ChatZilla IRC chat
  application and web development tools like a DOM Inspector and a JavaScript
<li>If that's still not enough, SeaMonkey can be extended with numerous
  <a href="">Add-Ons</a> that provide
  additional functionality and customization for a complete Internet