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<title>Get Involved with SeaMonkey</title>
<h1>Get Involved with SeaMonkey</h1>
You've probably already downloaded (or compiled) a copy of SeaMonkey.
This means that you're ready for volunteering to become part of the SeaMonkey
testing community. Helping out won't take much of your time, doesn't require
special skills, and will help improve SeaMonkey.

<h2>What Needs To Be Done?</h2>
    <p>You've already downloaded a build. All you have to do is use it as your
    everyday browser and mail/news reader.
    <dl class="tasklist">
       <dt>Report Bugs</dt>
          <dt>Reporter Tool</dt>
          SeaMonkey comes with a new tool for reporting broken web sites
          (available through the Custom Install option). From the 'Help' menu,
          select 'Report Broken Web Site' and provide as much information as
          you can about the issue that you are encountering. By helping alert
          us of broken web sites, we can work with the webmaster to correct the
          problem, and make the website compatible.
          <dt>Crash Reporting (Breakpad)</dt>
          Please submit crash reports when our "Crash! Bang! Boom!" dialog comes
          up and asks for that. Crash reports give us really valuable data on
          which crashes are the most serious, and how often people are
          encountering them. And all you have to do is click a button and leave
          the checkbox for submitting turned on.
          All software errors in our application should get reported in the
          Bugzilla database. If you find something you think is a bug, check to
          see if it's not already
          <a href="">known about</a>,
          and then please follow the
          <a href="">bug
          submission procedure</a>.
       <dt>Quality Assurance</dt>
       <p>SeaMonkey QA has a <a href="">page</a>
       dedicated to ways to get involved with helping. This doesn't involve
       knowing how to code, although a little knowledge of HTML is helpful.
       Being involved with QA is good for people wanting to get more familiar
       with SeaMonkey, and there's a strong community. A particularly good way
       to get involved is to join the
       <a href="">BugAThon</a>.</p>
       <dt>Fix Bugs</dt>
       <p>Is there some bug that really bothers you? As well as  reporting it,
       feel free to <a href="">fix it</a>.</p>
      <dt><a href="">Write
        <p>We need 
        <a href=""
          title="Mozilla Documentation">documentation</a>
        for users, web developers, and developers working on SeaMonkey and
        other Mozilla projects. If you write your own code, document it. Much
        of the existing code isn't very well documented. In the process of
        figuring things out, try and document your discoveries.</p>
      <dt>Contact Web Sites That Have Problems</dt>
        <p>Do your favorite web sites work properly in SeaMonkey or other
        Mozilla-based browsers? If not then you can help Mozilla succeed by
        helping to convince web sites and web developers to develop
        cross-browser, standards-based content which supports SeaMonkey.</p>
        <p>You can help with the
        <a href="">Mozilla
        Tech Evangelism</a> project by filing Tech Evangelism bugs on sites
        which do not work in SeaMonkey, by triaging existing Tech Evangelism
        bugs, and by complaining to sites that they do not support your
        favorite browser!</p>
    <dl class="tasklist">
       <p>SeaMonkey developers tend to hang out on IRC. If you've
       installed Chatzilla, getting connected is
       <a href="irc://">easy</a>. Otherwise, fire up
       your favorite IRC client and connect to <tt></tt>,
       <tt>#mozillazine</tt> (a friendly channel belonging to
       <a href="">MozillaZine</a>.) The development
       channel is #seamonkey, although please note that people are trying to do
       work in this channel, so please don't ask support questions there.
       Another way to get involved is reading the
       <a href="../community#groups">newsgroups</a>.</p>